Kosmos Project

Kosmos Project is a design studio, based in Warsaw, Poland, set up by Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski. In philosophy, cosmos is an orderly or harmonious system, the opposite of chaos. That´s where the name of the group originates. Kosmos Project´s inspiration comes from observation of relationship between the civilized and the wild. The two designers believe that these two separate worlds can coexists harmoniously. Their design approach is built on the conviction that our environment determines our attitudes. From this point of view the way design objects are created is very important. Things that surrounds us have great impact on our behavior and relations. It doesn’t only concern the physical part of our being, but also, and maybe mainly, the mental aspect. The designers strongly believe that modern design needs to focus on human spirituality as the way to break with dehumanized life. Each project is meticulously thought through, with great care and attention to concept, material and proportions. The portfolio of the group includes both industrial projects and unique pieces for galleries.

Petra Lilja Design Gallery is proud to present a series of masks from Kosmos Project’s work titled Collective Unconscious. The concept collective unconscious was formed under way of human evolution, influenced by experiences repeated over generations. Inherited from ancestors as an instinctive, archetypical unconscious it is expressed in myths, art, religious ceremonies, mystic and paranormal experiences. In the process of civilization man have lost his relation with nature. Kosmos Project’s work Collective Unconscious focuses on spirituality and the need for transcendent experiences in modern life. Polish culture is based on nature and the changes of seasons, a structure Kosmos Project build their design on. For the work Collective Unconscious the designers considered two particular polish rites the Noc Swietojanska (ceremony of life, future, erotic force) and Dziady (the mystery of death, past, reminding ancestors). Since the past is always an element of the future, Kosmos Project believe that withdrawal to our roots can show us the way of creating the future, a statement which makes this duo one of the most interesting and inspirational studio of the European design scene today.

The exhibition is made possible by support from Malmö Kulturstöd.

Kosmos-Project_mask-1 Kosmos-Project_mask-maski-3