Researcher: Johanna Rosenqvist
Craft conversations: Saturday October 8th, 1-4 pm
The Swedish Home Craft Movement was initiated as an initiative launched more than 111
years ago by women to rescue rural crafts in Sweden. The designation “home craft”
functioned as a code word signaling that this was an initiative intended for women, as implied
by its construction from the terms for “home” (hem) and “craft” (slöjd), which latter was, in
this connection, considered a part-time production activity. In what homes does this kind of
production still go on today? Johanna invites makers to participate in craft conversations.
Johanna Rosenqvist has been researching art and craft making since the turn of the
millennium. She published her thesis on the Home Craft Movement as an art scene in 2007
and now teaches the History & Theory of Craft at Konstfack in Stockholm.
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