Design encounters with non-human others

Researchers: Li Jönsson and Tau Ulv Lendskjold



In this workshop and talk we will explore how to create new relations with non-human others, more specifically birds in the local area of Kirseberg. During the workshop the participants will make Bird-Cams to explore the notion of exchanges between the different actors in our shared urban space. The Bird-Cams can be described as a DIY version of the National Geographic’s critter-cams, which allow us to see footage from the exotic worlds of animals. However, the Bird-Cams that we will make during this Saturday are far from high-tech critter-cams -they are made from of the shelves components. They are also far from exotic – instead of studying ‘others’, they are meant to allow birds and humans who share the city for living to come together differently.

In the exhibition space the Bird Flute will be exhibited – an instrument made to explore communication as translations between species. When blowing into the instrument the sound conducted by humans become translated into non-human message. The sound created by the flute is then transmitted via a digital network to a small speaker placed outside.


Li Jönsson works at the intersection of design and science and technology studies (STS). In her interdisciplinary approach to design she engage a diverse set of critical and practical ideas; in her PhD work she demonstrates how we can move beyond the anthropocentric positioning of design by linking more recent materialist approaches with practices of design/making.

Tau Ulv Lenskjold is postdoc fellow at University of Southern Denmark, Department of Design and Communication, and holds a PhD in Interaction Design. His current research follows two avenues:  The first investigates how speculative design practices engage with political and societal issues. The second avenue concerns a post–anthropocentric re-articulation of design by means of experimental and interventionist modes of investigation.

Together, the two researchers have developed the explorative design research project Urban Animals & Us that we will introduce you to during the workshop/talk.

Images from bird cams:

birdcam experiment_01 birdcam experiment_04 birdcam experiment_03

Images fom bird cam workshop:

IMG_9761 IMG_9762

Images from Bird flute installation:

IMG_9773 IMG_9783IMG_9781