Researchers: Ola Ståhl and Sara Hyltén-Cavallius

Main workshop: Saturday, December 3, 1-5pm. Sign up:

Exhibition: Opening, Sunday, December 4, 4pm – 6pm. 

Optional: Collection of sounds around Kirseberg, Friday December 2nd, starting at 7pm

Continuation of workshop: Sunday December 4t, a 10am-4pm

This workshop is an exercise in attentiveness considered a potential opening towards the development of new aesthetic sensibilities and fictional universes. Working across different senses and media, participants create a series of fictions based on the encounter with the local environment in Kirseberg.

Exploring notions of collaborative fictioning, sounds recorded in Kirseberg are turned into interwoven sketches and fragments of narrative. The result will be compiled into an artist book and left on display in the gallery.

Artists’ Books. Taking the notion of the artists’ book as a point of departure and exploring the social and collaborative dimension of book making, the material assembled in the workshop during Saturday will be turned into an unique publication exhibited in the gallery during Sunday.

If you can’t attend all days, we suggest to prioritise the full workshop on Saturday.  To sign up, please e-mail

Naturally, you are welcome to the opening on Sunday December 4th at 4-6pm! No signing up needed.

Ola Ståhl & Sara Hyltén-Cavallius are researchers at the Department of Design, Linnaeus University. They share an interest in exploratory practices and creative-critical expression in and across various media and disciplines.

Sara Hyltén-Cavallius core concern is to make the world a better place for living creatures, through social and sustainable design. Sara has a background as an architect and is now the head of the department of design at Linnaeus University.

Ola Ståhl has got a background in art theory and cultural studies with a PhD from The University of Leeds. Alongside his engagement in critical and theoretical research, he has worked as a practicing artist and creative writer for many years. He usually works collaboratively. / sara.hylté